This site is dedicated to Sailing the Bay and the Caribbean with Family, Friends, and Fur Balls

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This site was last updated 31/08/11


6/14/2010  Makai has been sold.  Congratulations to the new owners. I hope they are as pleased with her as we had been.

Now,  Start the hunt for a bigger boat!

2/10/2010:  Makai is for sale.  After a long discussion we are putting Makai on the market.  The house project is taking all of our time and effort and we are just not getting to sail her as much as we would like.  She is a offshore cruiser and is ready to go again.  Follow the link for details.  Makai for sale.


7/19/09:  A great weekend of sailing with friends and family.  Photos.

2/26/2009: Spring is coming boating to return.  Still working on the house.  house projects

10/25/2008:  still quiet in the boating world.  We went to move Makai from the temporary slip for the trawler fest held at our marina, but it was to windy.  Another day, hopefully we will get a few more sails in before the snow and real clod weather begins.

On the house front the basement has been dug in preparation for the foundation.  Yeah, house projects .

7/12/08-It has been a while since the last update.  We have been working on our house projects and dealing with all of that mess.  But we were able to take my nephew Ben for his first sail.  At 7 months he really enjoyed the day on the Bay.  I think we have a future cruiser forming. 


Sorry about the delay in Updates. things have been frantic.  Unfortunately or fortunately not boat related. We started a house project and had some major builder problems. But we will build a 3,800 sq ft house in Falls Church, Va. 

Happy New year,  Ok it has been a few months since an update. 2007 logs have begun.  They include moving the boat back to her new permanent home in Solomons from deale, MD with the help of Sharon's boss and his friend Matt.


Coming soon;  Myths of Cruising and Provisioning, Life after the Cruise, and What We Will Do Different Next Time Out! .  Though we have returned the cruise is not over.  We are looking for work and thinking about the next trip

We have found a place to tie up and are temporarily at Calvert Marina in Solomon's.  Sharon and I have begun the conversion back to land and have started to look for work.  This is hard!

19/7:  Well the cruise is at its end. We have found a home

5/1: Cruising is about seeing places and meeting people last night we had couple, who are on charter, over for happy hour. More treasure hunting!Pirate Treasure